New Corridor Map - New boundaries have been set for the corridor after 8 months of Task-force meetings this is the proposed new corridor boundaries.

Proposed IT Corridor Report - Conducted by the City of Savannah, this report looks at the businesses and residents inside the corridor as currently defined by SR 821.

Original IT Corridor Map - This map was selected in 2017 and developed by the City of Savannah, shows the current boundaries of the SLTC as currently defined by SR 821.

SR821 - The resolution passed by the Georgia Senate on February 26th, and the House on March 19th. More information on the history of this resolution can be found here.

ITCorridors_Study Committee - The document that started it all. The final report of the Senate Information Technology Corridor Study Committee (SR 410) that identified Savannah as an area to "immediately benefit substantially" as a logistics and technology innovation hub.